I've created this blog for those who are looking for a bit of urban inspiration and searching for recommendations from the 2 cities I love and call home - Prague & Berlin. Everything that's here is created purely from my passion towards the city lifestyle and non of it is for commercial use. Love, Kristy 

My Latest Trips

Barcelona (Spain)

Pohoda Festival (Slovakia)

Berlin Wedding (Germany)


Rafting in Cesky Krumlov (Czech Republic)


People Often Ask Me:

Where I'm from


I tend to avoid answering this question, because - as much as I am proud of my background - I feel that there's no straight forward answer to this. I avoid it for 2 reasons...

1. My slight confusion might sound pretentious and 2. as much as I've thought about it, I really have no idea. So my answers are always dependant on my mood and how I'm looking at things at that precise moment. 

So here are the details...


I was born in SLOVAKIA. Raised by my mom (Czech) and grandmother (Slovakian). Moved to KUWAIT at the age of 4. Stayed for a few years, and then flew back to Slovakia - PIESTANY. At the age of 9 I left to the UK. Had a love & hate relationship with my boarding school life. Played lacrosse and netball for 8 years, and made some incredible friends from around the world. Realised that learning English wasn't so bad, so signed up for German and French. I left England when I was 19, after I passed my GCSEs and A-levels. Wasn't ready for Uni just yet, so landed my first job in CZECH REPUBLIC. Loved it! Worked for an amazing Dutch bunch, so decided to visit Amsterdam for a week - to meet more fab Dutch people. After a year and a half of work, I felt that I had enough experience to tackle the world, so I went back to studying. I chose Webster University in VIENNA. Fell in love with the city (no! it's not boring!). Visited AUSTRALIA, thought that I'd move there, but changed my mind at the end. Flew to KUWAIT to see my mom and my brother - visit was meant to be for 2 months - ended up just over 4 years. During those 4 years, I graduated in Communications / Journalism and spent a lot of my time travelling. Fully experiencing countries around. Highly recommend LEBANON and OMAN (and obviously DUBAI is a one-time must). A few of my other memorable trips were to INDIA, VENEZUELA, SARDINIACANADATHAILAND, CUBA and MOROCCO. Moved back to LONDON. Worked there for 2 years, during which I made 2 amazing trips - NYC and the MALDIVES. Packed my bags and travelled to QATAR, where I stayed for a year and a half. An interesting experience, but probably one of the most confusing...in regards to their battle with the Old (traditions and religion) & the New (open-mindedness). Then back to Europe - this time BASEL in Switzerland. Not a big fan of Switzerland (not talking about nature), but really enjoyed the spot I was living in - directly at the 3 borders - 'Working in Switzerland, Eating / Drinking in France and Shopping in Germany' - can't be a better mix! My favourite part was living in BERLIN, which was next. Two years in this hippie city couldn't have been better. Spent a few months getting to know BELGIUM and then it was time to return back to my roots - Czech Republic / Slovakia.

Currently experiencing Prague. I have a Czech passport, and as much as I know about the city, I am a visitor here like I am everywhere else. I'd call myself the Local Visitor. However, my plan is to finally plant some roots of my own...here in Prague... and continue to travel for pleasure...


So Where Am I From?

I'd say I'm a Barcelona kind of girl: Culture, Food, Wine, People & the Mediterranean Climate

  • My Home: Prague / Berlin / London
  • Working as a Journalist - interviewing passionate people around the World
  • Constantly discovering what a city has on offer
  • Good food & wine are always on my agenda
  • Hang out in small Cafes & Bars  
  • Cappuccino Addict
  • Dogs melt my heart
  • Passionate about Interior Design 


I'm fascinated with talented and ambitious people - so I spend a lot of my time walking around cities and asking people what they're passionate about. I love the Urban life, but I do like the occasional country escape. I choose natural/organic products whenever I can and my idea of heaven is the Borough Market in London. 

A little more about me...

As a Journalist, together with my passion for Interior Design, I have been exposed to lifestyles and interiors from a number of different environments. I consider myself somewhat of a global nomad - lived in various cities around the world - London, Vienna, PragueBasel, Dubai, Doha, Kuwait and Berlin - which has given me the understanding of what is important to most of us - no matter of our background and culture. Turning our passion into work and our daily lifestyle...creating a purpose.

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