Thoughts: Top 10 Essentials for a happy Urban Lifestyle

The Urban Lifestyle is all about creating your own comfort zone in an environment which is often chaotic. So I've decided to share with you my top prerequisites for a comfortable, fun and a balanced life. These elements are responsible for my happiness, motivation and general sanity in this Urban Jungle...


1. Seasonal / Fresh Meals & Tasty Wines

My favourite restaurant in Prague at the moment:


The number 1 advantage of living in the city is being able to taste such great variety of dishes...and that's exactly what I do on a regular basis. I'm always on a hunt for a good restaurant. And just for the record: Expensive does not necessary mean Good. Nejen Bistro is my favourite spot in Prague at the moment. The food and the selection of wines are divine and the menu changes according to seasonal produce.

2. Cappuccinos (& Snacks)

Bistro Proti Proudu - Cafe in Prague



I'm a cappuccino addict - I admit! So picking up a 'cup of joy' is more-or-less on my daily agenda. My top place for chilling & getting work done in ‪Prague‬ right now is Bistro Proti Proudu. Unlike a few other (pretentious) cafes in the city, this space is so airy & people working here make you feel super comfortable & welcome! Big thumbs up!! I'm also a frequent MamaCoffee visitor.



3. Planning my travels regularly  

travel urban kristy

Travelling is basically like breathing for me. I'm not a big fan of airports & airplanes, so I'd always rather choose the train, but obviously that's not always possible. I make sure I travel somewhere new each month, so I created an Inspiration Travel Board to plan my year out. This way I won't forget & I can always Day-Dream - MY TRAVEL BOARD 

4. A Fabulous Carry-on

Because I travel so much, I love to be accompanied by something pretty & practical. I seriously fell in love with these suitcases a few months ago. I hate to say it, but I'm a little obsessed...


5. Can't live without a good Bed 

My top 3 essentials in my home are: an amazing bed, great lighting and a high pressure shower - I'm happy with just that! I love these high English beds - they carry a sense of luxury but aren't super-expensive - so they are definitely on top of my check-list.


6. Lighting

Lighting is so important to me. I hardly ever turn on the main lights, so I make sure that there are lamps scattered around my entire home. It makes such a big difference.

7. Candles

I've got an obsession with candles. I like them white, because they carry elegance and modesty. Just like the importance of having great lighting in my home...candles are the cherry on top. 



8. Elegance

I love to look and feel great - who doesn't? But when it comes to fashion I know nothing about it. Fashion does not excite me, but what does is Style. I believe that there's a big difference between the two. Fashion is too much about branding and I've never been much of a follower of 'NAMES'. However, if I'd have to pick a brand which represents a part of me - it would have to be ALL SAINTS one-hundred-percent. I truly love their pieces - and this dress needs to be in my wardrobe right now!


9. Rebellious 

The other side of me is rebellious. I like to inhale knowledge from others, but I like to do things my way. Nasty Gal's style brings out the independent woman that I aspire to be.


10. Getting my doses of Inspiration

Every time a new Interview comes out from Freunde Von Freunden I get goose pumps. They do everything in perfection. I love the stylish & driven people they interview, their photography gives me a clear overview, and their general style is just so Fresh - a.k.a. Hipster. I get my highest dose of inspiration from them.

There's a very long list of people who inspire me, but here are my top 3:


1. Richard Branson - don't think this person needs an introduction. He should be everyone's role model. 

Life is either a daring adventure or it is nothing at all
— Richard Branson

2. Russell Brand - Trews News (sadly just ended, but hopefully he'll return with something even better!) If you haven't seen it yet, then you really should.

Russell Brand

3. Casey Neistat - Daily Vlogger in NYC & Founder of Beme. I don't know where he gets his energy from, but it always reminds me to keep going!

Do More
— Casey Neistat
The reality is we have more in common with the people we are bombing than the people we’re bombing them for
— Russell Brand


Other things I couldn't live without are:

1. My iPhone 

2. Diary & a Notebook

3. Meditation & Relaxation Apps



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