Your first 5 reasons to getting a tattoo in Prague



1.  The first one is obvious. While you're here you'll get to see one of the most beautiful cities in the world


Don't miss: 

Letna Beer Garden - View of the City & Beer

Mincovna Restaurant - Food & Beer

Hemingway Bar - Cocktails


Prague urban kristy - tattoo post


2.  I got some ridiculously expensive tattoos done in the past. Like the 400 EUR tattoo which took less than 10 mins. I basically paid for the location, which (by no-surprise) was Switzerland.

Prague has got some amazing artists. Luckily the city's still relatively cheap, which means that you'll be able to get some great body art for a fair price


3.  You'll get to meet some talented people, and learn what the city's got to offer directly from the locals


Johnny The King - tattoo Prague


4.  It's an amazing memory to keep from your travels. I personally like to get each of my tattoos in a different city. Making the experience a lot more memorable & giving the tattoo an additional story.

urban kristy tattoo inspiration board
urban kristy inspiration board


5.  And you'll finally get to taste that beer everyone's talking about (I recommend you nibble on some 'pickled cheese' - called 'Nakládaný hermelín' in CZ)


The city's waiting for more stories

johnny the king - urban kristy


Your Recommendations and Accommodation before you get here


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