July Discoveries

Usually I would've been quite nervous if travelling wasn't much on my agenda over summer, but this year I quite enjoyed staying put. Having the time to fully explore a city which I'm beginning to call 'home'. My absolute favourite discovery during August was Letni Letna, which is a summer festival full of great circus performances (no animals involved). 

The Limbo Show! Incredibly sexy, entertaining and a bit daring. Loved everything about it. The show, the music and the performers - so full of character. The whole Letni Letna is a great set-up, which you've got to see. Tents scattered around Letna park, where you can can go for a drink and enjoy the atmosphere even if you haven't got a ticket for a show. 

A new Paleo restaurant in Palmovka, where they've got options even for vegans - which is quite rare. They do deliver, so I tried that. Found it a little pricey if I were to order there regularly. Tasted great, so big thumbs up for that. Their packaging looks great, but the presentation of food needs a bit of improvement. They're looking for a new space, so hopefully they'll move close to my work :)

Decided to take a break from Prague for a few days, but had no energy to go far. Karlstejn was a good option. Ended up walking for 5 hours around the area on a Saturday & discovered Velka Amerika (Big America) which is a partly flooded, abandoned limestone quarry near Mořina village. 

Most definitely my favourite wine Bar in Prague. Perfect spot throughout the year - a cozy interior for the winter and a lovely courtyard for summer. Even though it's in the middle of so many tourist traps, this place is one of the little hidden gems. 

Stayed at the Beer Hotel (Pivotel), which brews its own MMX Beer & would say that it's quite well known in the region. Noticed that a lot of people visited the hotel just to collect a few bottles to take home with them. Enjoyed the beer myself, but the food                    was disappointing.                                         

Hidden Cafe with a garden, behind the agricultural museum, serving mainly fresh pizza during summer. Visited this place once in winter and loved the cozy atmosphere inside. I had some soup, which was delicious, and felt as if I was in the middle of a countryside. 

I always try to stay away from Vaclavske Namesti (Wenceslas Square) as much as I can. Not a big fan of this area - too many shops & bad food. However, there are a couple of places in this area which I do recommend and this one will have to be one of them. It still falls under a tourist attraction (first place to serve Pilsner Urquell back in 1843), but I do think it's worth having one or two beers at the outdoor gothic beer garden. (Don't expect amazing service and I've no idea about the food. I simply visited for my visual pleasure)