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My 3 Weeks in Basel...

The amazing thing about living in Basel is the fact that you're right next to France & Germany. So if the crazy high Swiss prices create a dent in your wallet, you can opt for the 2 cheaper sides of Europe!

Basel is a very charming city. I'd recommend you visit either during the festive winter season or during summer.  Visiting in December will get you hopping from one festive market to another & getting to taste some of the local food accompanied by (a lot) of Gluwein. During Summer, you'll end up spending a lot of time relaxing and sipping wine by the river. 

Below, you'll see some important and fun facts about Basel. I've included Photos from my visit, people I've connected with and my city recommendations. Enjoy! 



Did you know this about Basel?


  • Basel is Switzerland's third largest city - See Location 
  • The spoken language is the regional Swiss German dialect known as Baslerdytsch
  • The Rhine River is a commercial channel that separates Kleinbasel from Grossbasel
  • Basel is well known for its chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Hofmann-La Roche and Novartis are both based in Basel
  • Art Basel draws thousands of art enthusiasts from across the globe each year
  • Basel is the warmest City in Switzerland. It averages 2 to 3 degrees over other cities in the country
  • Basel Airport is operated by France & Switzerland, but the airport is completely on French soil.

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The Basel Story


My Photos of Basel & Surrounding Area (France / Germany):

People I Connected with:

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Places I Recommend:




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