A Conceptual Photographer from Germany

I discovered this talented 21 year old German photographer a few months ago, and she stunned me with her beautiful surreal photography. She took me to a different world - where dreams and fairy-tales collide. 


NAME: Katharina Jung

TALENT: Photography


I've decided to ask Katharina a few questions, so have a look at her dreamy work below, as well as what she had to say about her passion and inspiration. 

My passion is to create worlds that exist in my mind. Photography is my communication tool to connect with the outside world. I’ve fallen in love with what I do – feeling unrestrained and uncontrolled.
— Katharina Jung

After a few moves I finally settled in my hometown Hermeskeil, which is a small town in South-West Germany. After finishing my diploma, I started an apprenticeship in media design which ended in June. I love to travel, so I’m looking forward to going to Bali and New Zealand this year - meeting new people and taking a new breath of fresh air.
— Katharina Jung

Katharina's WORK

Who and What inspires you?

I get my inspiration from travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. I also find my inspiration in music, poetry, books I read, my daily experiences and dreams. I have a huge list of artists who I really admire: Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, Salvador Dali, Tim Walker, the music by London Grammar, monthly mix sets by Christian Laurien, movies by Tim Burton...the list is constantly growing.


Which Events do you love and recommend?

I have to visit TomorrowLand (Electronic Music Festival in Belgium) one day – the love and passion that goes on in that place is so powerful and of course my love for music draws me to this festival.

My other mission is to one day join Sea Shepherd (International Non-Profit, Marine Wildlife Conservation Organization) and help fight against cruelty in the oceans.

And I truly want to meet Brooke Shaden (Conceptual Photographer) in one of her workshops in the near future.