June Discoveries in Prague


I've finally moved back to Letna area in Prague, which has brought a lot of magic back into my life. I'm sandwiched in between 2 beautiful parks, so mornings and evenings are very close to perfect. Here's a little FACEBOOK documentation of me Out & About in Letna. Other than me enjoying Letna again, I'm obviously still on the hunt for the best spots in other areas of Prague too.

sansho July discoveries urban kristy

One of the best dinners I've had in Prague! Gorgeous setting, professional service & a delicious 6 course dinner tasting menu. The winning dish would have to be the pork belly with watermelon and hoisin, but it was hard to choose! Thank you for such a fab experience.    

gran fierro prague urban kristy discoveries

I'm into romantic dinners tucked away at the back of a restaurant, but sitting at a bar can sometimes be a lot more fun. I'm a huge fan of tapas, and an even bigger fan of getting to know the people who've created a great menu and who've put a restaurant together. So that's exactly what I did at Gran Fierro over the weekend. I tried most of the tapas on their menu, and very much enjoyed everything. Tapas & Cocktails is my new favourite thing! But I'll be coming for a steak next time. 

urban kristy discoveies July Cobra Prague

The whole of Letna is going a bit nuts over this new space called Cobra. Yes, we needed something like this in my hood, so I'm rejoicing myself! It used to be a dark, smelly slot machine bar, where everyone used to hang out, coz there was nowhere else to go for drinks (in this area). They've surprised us with the new look and we're happy. 

bistro 8 urban kristy discoveries July Prague

Bistro 8 is the sweetheart of Prague 7. Everyone loves coming here, and so do I. They started doing these mega portions for weekend brunches, where one potion easily feeds two people. A very happy atmosphere, delicious food and what I'd call a nostalgic interior.  

urban kristy discoveries July boat ride

Rented out a motorboat over the weekend from Půjčovna Lodiček and I loved it! Definitely something I'd recommend doing during summer when in Prague. 450,- Kč for an hour & it was well worth it!

Ivana Mer Prague Discoveries July

The mixture of Ivana Mer singing on a boat in Prague couldn't be a more magical experience. She's definitely some kind of a happy fairy, who warms the hearts of many with her music. Was an absolute pleasure to properly meet her.