Brunch & Street Festival Prague - May 2016 - Kristy's Photojournal

We arrived pretty early. It was 10am and the streets were still quite empty. It's a great time to arrive, as you've got time and space to check out all what's available and have a cup of coffee without waiting hours in line. It's also fun to chat to people who are participating in the street festival before the crowds arrive. 

We started at Jam & Co, where we booked a table for a brunch. The food was amazing, and so was the service. This place is going on top of my recommendations list for Prague!

After our 2 hour brunch session, we crawled out onto the Krymska street and the festival was already picking up. I felt like I was back in Berlin - so many interesting people in one area, and I wondered why haven't I seen them before?

This needs to happen more often!!!




The next event on Krymska is on 17th September -