April Discoveries in Prague


Karlin has become my favourite area in Prague, and I'm hoping that I'll soon find an apartment there. The vibe reminds me of Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg). I like the fact that it's flat, so I can ride my bike around. I found this Mediterranean-style restaurant during one of my Saturday walks and I quite enjoyed myself. Fish and meat Mezes are their highlights. 

The problem with where I work (Holesovice - near Delnicka) is that we really have no great healthy options for lunch here. Oh La La saves me every time I want a healthy meal. Their dishes are so homey and you know you'll be putting something good into your body. It's a French bistro, so obviously they have a lovely selection of wines for after work (or lunch) and I just love their interior.  

This place has been our number one escape in Prague this spring. You feel like you're in the middle of a little forest, where you can even make your own dinner at the campfire. There's live music there almost every week - whether a band, a solo singer or a DJ. Relaxing, yet lively atmosphere.

I'm so very glad I found this place, as I had to constantly rely on Oh La La to keep me healthy while sitting at my desk. Cafe Silencio is quite similar to the dishes they prepare - lots of veggies, which I love! And I love the people who work there - very kind and friendly :)