Thoughts: This would be the Perfect City

I'm often asked which city would I pick to permanently live in. I never really have a clear answer, because there probably is no such place ... well, not yet. I've lived in many cities around the World, and never have I felt that Yes this is the Perfect place for me! 

Every time I travel somewhere and meet up with the Local Expats, we always end up talking about the same thing. The number one conversation would always be about the benefits of moving Here or 'Why the hell did we move here again?' - all depending on our mood. Even though I'm getting a little tired of the constant comparisons, the conversation is inevitable. You'll end up talking about it because it's easy. First - it's a great conversation starter, second - it's a way for expats to reassure each other that they've made the right choice by coming Here, and thirdly - it's a great way to release stress over a well-deserved drink.

The latest conversations I've been a part of are something along the lines of 'It's so frustrating how poor Berlin is. No one can afford anything and majority of people are struggling. However, it seriously is the best time to be Here. Where else would we be able to survive on such a small monthly budget, have the time to work on our dream start-ups, have a stress-free lifestyle and still have time for Fun? Nowhere!' So yes, Berlin is probably the best place for Entrepreneurs right now, but make sure you save up some money before you go there (even though it's extremely cheap), because making money in Berlin is not exactly a piece-of-cake.

I wouldn't call jumping from one City to another a problem, because I do enjoy it. However, it becomes a problem if I have to pick a place to settle in. My second problem starts when I'm asked what my resident address is. Hmmm...Do you mean where I was born, or where I lived before I came here or where my mom lives? Never quite sure how to answer that either. My residency is where I'm currently at...and No, I don't have a Permanent Residency and neither do I want one right now.

So what would be My Perfect City? From all the places I've lived in or at least had the chance to experience their local lifestyle, I've picked all that I've valued the most. I'd mix all these elements together to create My Perfect City, Society and Living Standards.

The Perfect City 

Mixture of:


Sense of Humour

France / UK


Hospitality & Service 

Middle East


Entrepreneurial Spirit

Beirut / Berlin


Hippy laid-back Atmosphere



Food, Lifestyle & Climate

Mediterranean Region








Possibilities & Activities



Health System



Always Some Pocket Money

Yes, all Kuwaitis get a certain amount of Free Money every month - Jealous!






Fashion Style

Paris / Beirut / NYC


Interior Design




London / Beirut / Ibiza


City Charm

Prague / Paris


Sincerity & Friendliness



Cleanliness & Niceness




New York City


Easy Going Rules & Regulations



Healthy Lifestyle



Food & Drinks

Italy / Spain


Trustworthiness & Safety




Italy / Lebanon, mixed with Austria / Switzerland 

There are Constant Surveys being made to find out which Cities have the highest Quality of Living, but this doesn't mean that the City which makes it to the top of the charts is the perfect place for you. Let's take for example Vienna - I've lived there for 3 years and absolutely adored it. Vienna has been on top of the Best City to Live In chart for many years now, but from my experience this is not a city to be living in if you are very ambitious and love the fast-paced environment. Other than the opportunities at the UN (good luck getting in!) the City is extremely quiet when it comes to jobs and general start-up enthusiasm. I'd say that this place is perfect for retirement or for those who need to escape the other hectic cities - such as London & NYC. It's extremely relaxed, and for this reason I had to leave - it was time to move on and move up. These surveys are all relative, and at the end of the day, you really need to make your own opinion. 

Remember that these are conclusions to my experiences. All the listed factors above are important for my Lifestyle, so now I'd love to hear what You need for Your Perfect Lifestyle.

What would be Your Perfect City? I obviously haven't been everywhere, so let me know about your experiences and what you'd add to this list. Look forward to reading your thoughts.