Artist from São Paulo


NAME: Ramon Martins

TALENT: Paint, Clay, Wood, Photography and Video

I quit my job as an art teacher and focused all of my energy on producing pieces and sending them to a gallery from whom I worked at the time. That transition was very spontaneous. I have drawn since I can remember but at a certain point, the trajectory of my life became funnelled toward the arts.
— Ramon Martins via FVF

São Paulo is frantic, it doesn’t sleep, it is a meeting place for many different cultures. I identify with its pace and accessibility compared to other cities I have lived in and felt restless in. There is no doubt that the city is far more advanced than the rest of the country. But there is also a pain here that I can feel in my skin. There are those things I don’t identify with and maybe making art here is my attempt to paint over or to soften those aspects.
— Ramon Martins via FVF

Ramon's Work & Environment

My personality, anxieties and creative phases can all be seen in this space, you just need to look around.
— Ramon Martins via FVF

All Photos via FvF - Photography: Gui Morelli


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