French Artists in Berlin


NAMES: Johanna Tagada Jatinder Singh Durhailay

TALENT: Drawing & Painting


Johanna Tagada is a young French artist based in Berlin. She lives in Prenzlauer Berg, in an apartment with extremely good vibes with her English fiancé Jatinder Singh Durhailay, who also happens to be an artist. They have chosen to fill their world with love, respect, plants, drawings, paintings and many laughs. Their home reflects their joie de vivre, a home which is also a studio. It is a typical Berliner environment for a non-typical Berliner couple, living a happy life in the German capital.

Over homemade matcha cookies, herbal tea and with the sweet sound of Japanese music playing in the background, Johanna and Jatinder talk about their lives, their work, and their new adventures that will take them all around the world.

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Johanna's & Jatinder's Home