Two Musicians / Artists in Brooklyn


NAMES: CHARLY & Margaux = 'Chargaux'

TALENT: violin, viola & spray-paint 


The two Brooklyn-based artists - Charly & Margaux a.k.a Chargaux - are not only musically talented, but have also wowed their audience with their beauty, style and creative art. Their music, somewhere between jazz and R&B ( a mixture of hip-hop, pop and electronic sounds), is on its way to going viral. I fell in love with them straight away, and there's no doubt you will too!  

Keep going and be limitless
— Margaux via HuffingtonPost

I used to work at this corporate job and I was on my lunch break and right by Bank of America I saw this girl playing the violin with cool hair and dope clothing and I said, “Hey, I play viola.” I said we should jam sometime. I meant to send a text message to my mom after saying I met this really cool girl, but I accidentally sent it to her. And she wasn’t creeped out by it. The next day we played together on the same corner that I saw her. People started taking pictures, videos, and started asking if we had an album out. It was totally by chance.
— Margaux Via HuffingtonPost

I think it’s very common when you have a creative mind to have various outlets for it. Even the way that we dress adds to the visual portion, using our bodies as canvases and having it all connect.
— Margaux via HuffingtonPost
Photo via  / Photo by  Richard Corman

Chargaux Music: 'I'm so pretty'

When you’re in the subway, you’re interacting with everyone and it’s really funny to see that with one song you can touch that corporate guy and touch that child. Music really does touch people.
— Charly via HuffingtonPost

Chargaux Street Art

Visual art is just kind of a representation of emotion and music is also the same, Every time people ask me what kind of art I make, I just say it looks like sound when I’m done. Music is very human, art is very human. A lot of musicians make visual art, I’m just really about showing mine.
— Charly via HuffingtonPost

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We noticed that color stands out, beauty stands out, repetition stands out. It’s kind of an intuitive artist thing.
— Charly via HuffingtonPost

Photos via / Photos by Eric Michael

Chargaux Collage Work 

Via Tumblr

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