Photographer in Melbourne


NAME: Lilli Waters

TALENT: Photography

I come from an abusive childhood, and so I think this side of melancholy has a large influence on some of my work. In saying that, I don’t want my images to come across as ‘violent’ or ‘abusive’, and this is quite important to me...
— Lilli Waters via

Lilli's Work

My artwork is Fantastical Dark & Feminine.
— Lilli Waters via
A lot of different things inspire my work, including daydreams, films, country air, women, traveling to new places, music (new and old), renaissance paintings, other photographers, red wine, staring at open landscapes, but mostly Nature. Most of the time I can’t escape her elusive beauty.
— Lilli Waters via

I make money from weddings, commissions for magazines, styling and fashion labels, as well as selling prints at exhibitions and online. I never thought I would be photographing people’s weddings, but found myself saying yes for my poor artist friends a few years ago and since then it has worked really well for me, so well that I was finally able to quit my part time day job last year. It allows me to make a living whilst being able have more spare time to work on personal work...
— Lilli Waters via

All Photos via Lilli Waters

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