Stylist and Designer in Beirut


NAME: Lamia Choucair

TALENT: Visual Merchandiser


The stylist and designer’s laidback, ethereal style and love for good music and good company is full of the city’s spirit. After growing up in Lebanon, Lamia spent years living in New York and Paris and slips between French, English and Arabic in one sentence with typical Beirut ease. She now lives in Mar Mikhael and loves the trendy neighborhood’s village-like feel, and can often be found chilling at home with friends, checking out books in Papercup, or poised on a barstool at the Italian bistro L’Osteria.

Her feline frame and velvet voice are offset by a husky laugh that reveals her soft spot for long, late nights at Beirut’s most soulful bars and parties. As she edges into her thirties, she’s feeling more and more career driven these days, however. She ditched the demanding schedule of magazine styling to work for fashion designer Milia M, and after discovering her passion for window dressing is now pursuing a sideline career, transforming various Beirut storefronts. 

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