Forbidden Spot & River Crossing in Prague - June 2016 - Kristy's Photojournal

I've been wanting to visit this space for the past 2 months, but something always came up. Their opening hours don't exactly make it easy for me to visit as often as I'd want to, so I guess it'll have to be my new lunch spot on rainy days (no terrace/garden) or a quick visit after work. They open at 11:11 in the morning, shut down at 20:20, and are completely closed at the weekends -unless there's an event, making the spot more of a work space during the week. 

I personally fell in love with the interior - it's creative, it's rough and it's unique, but what will surprise you even more is what they serve and how they present it. You'll enter this jungle and what you'll least expect is to be served such delicious and beautifully presented dishes. They even have special menus for dogs, so I've obviously ordered something for our Dexie, so he could rate the place with us - see photo below

One last thing I wanted to mention is their Forbidden Taste pop-ups, organised in secret locations. What they say is this: Extraordinary food in unexpected locations together with interesting people. Because great gastronomy and unconventional experiences attract people with very similar mindsets. Sign up to their newsletter, so you get a chance to be a part of this fab dining experience -

Friendly people, a creative space, delicious food, fabulous drinks and a relaxed atmosphere - the perfect indoor space. 



photo journal urban kristy forbidden spot prague
Urban Kristy Forbidden Spot Prague
Urban Kristy Photo journal - forbidden spot prague
forbidden spot prague photo journal urban kristy



During spring & summer, Prague's public transport reaches the river - which is a bliss if you want to quickly move from Holesovice to Karlin. If you live in Prague you'll know that these 2 places are so close, but quite annoyingly connected by public transport. The option of crossing the river is amazing, as it'll take you 5 mins. You'll just need to know the times. Boat leaves every half hour - the first one sets off at 7am and last one will help you cross over at 9pm. It's part of Prague's transport system - so bring your card with you....

....and enjoy this summer ride!