Kayaking & Pohoda Festival 2016 - Kristy's Photojournal


Why go: If you're like me - someone who doesn't take sports too seriously, then this is the perfect summer activity for you. It's more of a social gathering, but on water. 

When to go: Definitely in the middle of summer, and keep your fingers crossed that it'll stay warm and dry. 

What to pack: Plenty of clothes to change into and a waterproof bag for the boat. People underestimate the power of a river, and once you fall in, it'll most probably happen again. 

Where to sleep: I'd skip the tents here if I were you. Being on water for the whole day deserves a proper room with a decent shower in the evening. I highly recommend booking a hut or a room at any of the lodging houses. First day starts at the 'Pod hrazi Vyssi Brod' camp site, then continuing to Kemp u Fika, where there's a guesthouse on the other side called 'Na Cihelně'and finally ending up in the beautiful Český Krumlov, where there's tons of different accommodation to chose from. We, for example, stayed at this charming guesthouse dating back to 1360 - Penzion Baroko.

What to eat: If you like fish, then make sure you look for stops where they grill fresh fish. They're seriously delicious!

What to drink: Beer! Stay away from hard liquor (except for a morning 'pick me up' of course).

Who to go with: Get the event on Facebook and invite all your friends. Perfect opportunity to catch up with everyone you haven't seen for ages! Find a partner for your boat, preferably someone who is similar to you and someone who is responsible enough :)

Things to remember: 1. Money - there are no cash machines around. Only at the final destination, so make sure you've got cash for your boat, accommodation and for food / drinks. 2. Warm clothes and shoes for the evenings & enough clothes to change into if you fall in. 3. A pair of water shoes for the boat is not a bad idea at all. 4. A portable radio - music is that cherry on top.

My favourite part(s) about this trip: The journey on the train to Vyssi Brod, our ritual of dancing the night away at the local 'disco' in Vyssi Brod, and chilling on the boat when the sun's shining. 

What would I do differently next time: Drink less. Once you fall in, you'll lose your balance forever. This year I realised how much it sucks.

Terms you should know & should use:

'Soulodit' - Bringing another boat next to you and holding it while you cruise down the river. You can attempt to join as many boats as you can. 

'Cwakli 'sme' - 'We fell into the water'