September Discoveries

I love the start of Autumn, because at this point I usually have had enough of summer, and I'm totally ready to layer up! Walking around the city is now much more enjoyable without the heat & spending more time indoors doesn't come with a guilty conscience.

Visited London for a few days, which is always such a joy!

October Discoveries La Frabrika Urban kristy Prague

Cultural Space in Prague 7 with a theatre & there's a great bar too!

October Discoveries Urban Kristy Prague Bitcoin

If you're looking for a place where you'll pay with bitcoins, this is quite a popular spot. I finally got my Bitcoin card.

Urban Kristy October Discoveires Dos Mundos

Newly opened. Very happy about it, coz I love their coffee and it's 5 mins from my house. My current morning ritual.

October Discoveries Urban Kristy

This cafe / bar doesn't have the best rating, but I like sitting at the back of this place, which is non-smoking and is filled with books. 

October Discoveries Urban kristy Prague

Probably the most famous beer spot in Prague. Offering 12 different draught & more than 300 bottled beers.

October Discoveries Urban Kristy Prague

Another popular Thai / Vietnamese spot in Prague, which has quite high ratings. 

October Discoveries The White Swan Urban Kristy

A pub with a fireplace is always a winner. Very friendly people and delicious food. Couldn't ask for more. 

October Discoveries Urban Kristy London

Lovely plates of gyoza and ramen, and they've done a great job with the interior.

Thai Food Modry Zub October Discoveries Urban Kristy Prague

Quite a popular Thai restaurant among the locals - in 4 different locations around Prague.

October Discoveries urban Kristy Prague

Newly opened. Creative space with a cafe, store, smallest cinema in the city & a dance / yoga studio. Great place to also have a glass of wine.

October Discoveries Prague Urban Kristy

Randomly ended up at this bar and had a burger, which I really enjoyed. Will be coming back for sure!

October Discoveries Urban Kristy Prague

Finally had brunch at Cafe Jen, and very much enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and the simple yet homey food. 

October Discoveries London Urban Kristy

This place was so packed. A cozy Australian Cafe with lots of yummy / healthy options.

October Discoveries Urban kristy London Wokit

Locally sourced, fresh market produce, all cooked in a wok, with some noodles & rice.