Prague's most Romantic Spots for Autumn & Winter

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SNUG Life & The CITY

SNUG: adjective,
warmly comfortable or cozy, as a place, accommodations, etc.

Spending most of my time outside during spring & summer has taken a lot of my energy, so I've been pretty much ready for hibernation since the end of August. A state of excitement is an understatement when I talk about the moment I felt Autumn in the air. Pulled out the wellies, fluffy blankets, and cozy nightgowns straight out of my winter suitcases.

Walks in the park with Charlie and some visits to cozy places around town are the only way to get me out of my little nest.

I've created a list of my fave super-SNUG spots around Prague, which you need to visit if you are a SNUG-addict like me. 


I'm listing my top SNUG CITY recommendations below. Places where I not only feel cozy & comfortable, but where the service is at its best & the food and/or drinks are made with love.  



Glass of wine

Glass of wine & Oysters




Around Kampa - LOCATION

Coffee at Werichova Vila - IF Cafe

Class of wine or bubbly at Altány Kampa

...then walk to Novy Svet - “The New World”

Coffee / snack / wine at Novy Svet Cafe

...then a walk through the hidden park under the castle - Deer Moat

Sleep somewhere seriously romantic

Hotel u Raka

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