Thoughts: The Day I found my Freedom

Mornings begin like an open a blank sheet of paper. 

So I begin to my day into something I love.


What is Freedom? 


For's having the ability to spend my life doing things I'm passionate about. 

  • It is here...where I'm constantly inspired and energised by other people around me.
  • It is here...where no education could compare to the knowledge & experiences I learn from others.
  • It is here...where I'll always feel connected...make friends with people from parts of the World I've forgotten that existed.
  • It is here...where my taste buds are able to experience multi-cultural cuisines.
  • It is here...where one day doesn't go by without admiring a piece of significant history.
  • It is here...that the amounts of events will never allow me to get bored.
  • It is here...where I have to grow up quickly & open my mind.
  • It is here...where I pursue my dreams.
  • It is here...where I may become the person I want to be.


The City .... is my Freedom.

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