Event: An Italian 'Cook & Meet' Evening in Prague

Where I Went:


Cook & Meet in Prague Event


I haven't been posting much for the past week or so, because I decided to move to Prague just a few days after we celebrated the start to 2015. Everything happened so fast that I haven't had the time to even get my head round it; but I'm extremely looking forward to the new adventure. Other than searching for an apartment, (already found and now in the middle of organising the interior), I have also managed to go to a few events and already met a bunch of fabulous people. 

As many of you already know, I always try to attend events whenever I visit or move to a new city. The last little event I attended was called 'COOK & MEET IN PRAGUE' - a perfect gathering for those who love to learn more about food, wine and travel. Daniele who is the organiser of this event is someone you'll want to carefully listen to once you sit down at the table. He's got some great travel stories up his sleeve and very knowledgeable about GOOD food & drinks. Daniele also organises tours around Italy, which I'm no doubt signing up for!


What We Made: 


1. INSALATA DI ARANCE E FINOCCHI - Sicilian Fennel & Orange Salad


2. TAGLIATELLE AL CACAO UBRIACHE - Home-Made Cocoa Tagliatelle with wine sauce


3. Chocolate Truffles 

I always say that the kitchen should always be the centre piece of your home. At Daniele's it sure is. I very much enjoyed the team work in the kitchen. While we learned a few new recipes and ideas, we got to also know a little more about each other.

Making Fresh Pasta

It was my first time making fresh pasta. Hard work but a lovely experience

Making Sauce for the Pasta

Home-made Chocolate Truffles

Delizioso! We coated some in COCOA powder and some in PISTACHIO

Good Night

A great night with plenty of delicious food, wine, lovely atmosphere and a lot of new information to take home with you. It all ended with a glass of limoncello, so I went home super - satisfied...