Thoughts: 11 reasons Why Turning 35 is actually quite fabulous


1. Travel

I've had my fair share of dodgy hostel experiences and food poisoning incidents. Comfort is now my new friend! 


2. Fashion

I no longer feel obliged to trust the Fashion industry. 


3. Family  

Understanding family members. I think this sums it up


4. Friends

Being rebellious without class is just not our thing anymore


5. Time

Realising that we've been fooled! Coz there's only 30 seconds in a minute! So trying not to waste it.


6. Existence

I never wanted to celebrate my birthday, because I was ignorant. Why on earth would I not celebrate every year of my existence? 

blog post urban kristy turning 35



7. Location

Knowing, that home is where you speak their language fluently. Amen 


8. My Zone

No, I don't feel guilty about staying at home 

urban kristy turning 35 blog post



9. Motherhood

The first time in my life, I actually believe that I'm qualified to be a parent. I think I've gathered enough info in most fields of LIFE, which should give me the green card for this kind of responsibility ... right? 

turning 35 urban kristy blog



10. Lifestyle

Trust me, life really looks this calm and pwetty at this age! Well...most of the 50% 

urban kristy blog post turning 35
urban kristy turning 35 blog post
urban kristy blog post turning 35



11. Music

Not seeing anything wrong with singing along to Christmas songs at ANY TIME of the YEAR! :)


Happy Birthday to me! :)