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Dance Classes:

This job is all about being at the right place and at the right time. If you want to get involved, search as much as you can on the internet for all kinds of auditions and courses in different schools around Europe.

TanzFrabrik - school - I didn't study there but I heard a lot of praise about it. You can do an intensive course throughout the year or

Professional dance classes -



I have to start with Ohad Naharin person who developed the Gaga style. He’s quite famous now, so a lot of it has changed. I love how he’s developed the technique, but of course I think that fame kind of ruins what was once real. The technique gets you really moving but I also see it like meditation in a flowing form. During this dance you get yo use your imagination quite a lot.

One thing that completely inspires me about Sasha Waltz and something I’d like to take as a lesson, is the fact that you always have the sensation that she knows exactly what she wants. Even if she might be completely lost she'll still look completely confident and focused on the end goal. It’s very impressive how she does that. She’s very professional and carries everything in a very elegant and powerful manner. I believe that she visualizes the things she wants, and once she sees them, then nothing will stop her.

Crystal Pite - choreographer - I love her because her style is very physical and what she creates is very original. It’s a challenge to create new movements in dance, so you constantly need inspiration.

Akram Khan - dancer living in London (originally from Bangladesh) - melodic movements and very rhythmic. Blenard works for Akram - often travelling together around the world for different projects.

Music is part of my every day life and constantly inspires me. I like electro, classical, rock, pop...all depends on my mood. Chopin for example helps me fall asleep, and I love to listen to MUSE  and Nicolas Jaar. 



  • I love to go Parks in general - Gorlitzer Park and Mauer Park especially. During summer I need to be by the lake, the one I often go to is close to Ottostrasse Ubahn, near Tegel Airport 
  • Burgermeister - amazing burgers
  • Mustafa's Kebab - fab kebab
  • Klunkerkranich  - Rooftop Bar in Neukolln = beautiful view with live music, chilled atmosphere
  • Keller - Fridays are great for shows - dancers, singers, artists
  • Bar next to MonsterKabinett  Museum - Rosenthalerstrasse


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