Photographer 'Backyard Bill' in Brooklyn



Bill: In June 2008 I began to photograph friends and people that I would meet around my home in Brooklyn, NY.

I wanted to record interesting people, show their style, and check out what trends were developing. I wanted to capture the ways in which people adapt to the cultural influences around them.

It was easy to set up the shoots and interviews at my home - specifically in my backyard.

Soon I grew out of my garden and I started photographing the subjects’ own spaces and surroundings. This enabled me to expand, getting more in-depth with each subject.

In this project I found the perfect marriage between my passions for image-making and for celebrating individuality.

I ask each person a series of questions – where they’re from, where they’re going, and what they’re into-and whether I am close to home or traveling the world, I never tire of seeking out interesting people. Via 'BackYardBill'