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Internet is overwhelming with all the information, so how would anyone know what to recommend if they don't know YOU?

Because I spend a lot of my time giving out personalised recommendations to my family and friends, I decided to spread my knowledge farther. I now send out personalised plans to people travelling to Prague , and below are points which I usually include in each plan. So if you wish to get one for yourself click HERE or the BUTTON at the end of the page.


Your Tailored City Plan


For 45 EUROS you'll get to skip all recommendations that simply don't relate to YOU!

Your Personal City Planner will be sent to your Inbox within 2 working days in PDF form, and will include the following:


1. Stay

3 to 5 Accommodation Options related to your requests

Check Out Urban Kristy's Airbnb Accommodation (ideal for 1 or 2 people)


2. Eat / Drink / Dance & be Merry

What kind of food and drinks do you prefer? Where do you like to hang out?


3. Special Occasions

Will you be celebrating any special occasions: Birthdays, Anniversary, Bachelorette parties etc 


4. Walk

Do you like to walk around? What kind of a walker are you?


5. Shop

What are you planning to buy? (Special Souvenir Recommendations by UrbanKristy if requested)


6. Admire

What kind of a tourist are you?


7. Meet & Greet

What kind of people would you like to meet?


8. Events to Attend

What kind of entertainment are you looking for?


Plan Also Includes:

If desired


9. Reservations and Bookings

(Prices for planning of special occasions depend on the scale of the event)



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