Interactive Map for iOS & Android

Interactive Map for iOS & Android



• After your successful purchase you will immediately receive an email with a unique link to download an interactive PDF file, which is compatible with all smartphones. It works with all PDF viewers, but for the best experience I recommend you open & store it in Dropbox.

• You can click on each recommendation, which will take you to its location on google maps and giving you GPS navigation. It will also give you all the necessary information, such as contact details and peoples' reviews. Remember, that Google Maps can also be used offline. but I also included a separate offline map , which is available from the main Menu

• Hearts indicate the level of a romantic vibe at the location, if you’re searching for something for the 2 of you!

•Most recommendations have got a LETTER and a NUMBER next to it, so you are able to easily find it on the offline map.

•I always highly recommend you make as many reservations as possible - even if it’s a Cafe. It’s disappointing when you take your time to go somewhere & they’re fully booked, so don’t forget!


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