Scott & Mitch - these guys are my best friends and they don't even know about it. They're so entertaining , down to earth and always leaving me speechless when they sing. Just adore them

Casey Neistat is so much fun, but what I love the most about him is how practical and DIY he is. Just see the video below and you'll understand what I'm saying. I constantly check if he's created something new 



I spend too much! time watching stand up comedy. Here's my top list of comedians:

Brian Regan is definitely on top of my list at the moment. He manages to create amazing sketch comedy without one single swear word - and that's quite impossible for a lot of comedians

Russel Brand

He is definitely funny, but I also love how he understands & explains peoples' behaviors. He inspires me because that's my own understanding of the world - I just let him say it for me :) Kind Russel!


General Lifestyle

Here come Leah & Mary. They are fun, innovative and of course helpful. They give tips on Fashion, Home Decor, Beauty and Health - they basically help you be fabulous even on a tight budget. Life gets more fun with these two! 

LEAF videos are great. I love that they are short, straight to the point, beautiful to watch and always useful. 


Tara is the one to follow if you want to be healthy, fit and flexible.

I've been watching her videos for a while now - saw her starting out and watched her grow. She's the one who made me love Yoga. You don't need to go to expensive Yoga classes - Tara's all you need :) Enjoy!


Wayne is a fab make-up artist, a truly genuine and kind person, but he also gives amazing tips on how to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

I worship this guy, because he's helped me tackle the problems I've had with my skin (better than any doctor I tell you!!). My skin looks great thanks to him and I just love his personality. Don't get all weird about him putting make-up on - how else is he going to show you how to look absolutely stunning? 

Carli is so gorgeous it's almost ridiculous.

Once you start watching her videos, it'll be hard to stop. She's got a great style and if you need any tips on make-up or how-to-dress, she's definitely the one to follow. 


Rebecca Robeson knows what she's doing.

Her work is amazing and I'd wish to either work with her or for her to style my house one day :)

Food & Drinks

A bit of everything

Barry, Ben, Jamie & Mike are here to help us cook some delicious dishes. It's like having your friends over and creating a dish together while sipping on some wine. That's the way I like it!


I fell in love with Rachel Khoo when BBC started a new food series called 'The Little Paris Kitchen'. Rachel creates some delicious meals in a cute little apartment in Paris - the whole scene is very romantic and yummy.


Laura always makes me feel hungry. I wish her dishes would just appear at my house at around 7pm every day! :)