Berlin's 'White Trash' Family

All Photos were taken by Patricia Fiol, unless stated otherwise.


People with Passion


WHO WE MET: The 'White Trash Family'

WHERE WE MET THEM: 'White Trash', Berlin

Walking into 'White Trash' to look for passionate people (instead of my usual wait for a mouth watering White Trash Burger) turned out pretty amazing!

We first bumped into Wolly, so I told him that we're looking for some passionate people and asked him whether we could find them at White Trash. It wasn't the best time to be asking him anything, as they were in the middle of re-designing both the inside and the outside spaces. However, he did give us a smile and said that his passion is his wife Francesca, which immediately softened the 'bad-boy' image he carries :) 

Next to Wolly stood Francesca who mesmerized us with her charm and energy. She instantly stepped in to answer our questions. I tell you now - her petite figure did not match her enormous personality. The slight chaos brought by the changes of the re-design did not stop her from introducing us to nearly everyone working there. Just like you'd expect from an Italian woman, she's created a family loving environment - which we thought deserved a compliment to which she returned a humble comment: 'it was all a coincidence!'. 

NAME: Wolly

PASSION: Harleys & Rock 'n' Roll

I Recommend: The Funky Chicken Club On Tuesdays 

It's some serious DISCO FEVER!


The Funky Chicken Club

I used to work as the Assistant Director to Sasha Waltz
— Francesca

NAME: Francesca

PASSION: Contemporary Dance

I Recommend: 'Ombra di Vino'

@ Salvataggio Cafe (Location 'White Trash'


Sasha Waltz - German choreographer, dancer and leader of the dance company Sasha Waltz and Guests.

In Venice they call the glass of wine, (measuring 100 milliliters) - OMBRA. Ombra in Italian means “shade”, so one OMBRA DI VINO literally translates to ‘one shade of wine’.

In the hot months of the year, the wine sellers in the square set their tables in the shade of the bell tower. As the shade moved around the square during the day, the wine sellers kept moving also, so they would always have their stand in the shade, keeping themselves (and the wine) cool.
— via NeroneItalyGuide

Enjoy a perfect espresso coffee, ombre & cichetti at my Cafe (Salvataggio). I’m bringing a little piece of Venice to Berlin. Our special cook Rock ‘n’ Roll will change your day!
— Francesca

NAME: Sampson

PASSION & Recommendation: Cherry-o-kie

I like to call Cherry-O-kie a karaoke dance party. We have a different theme every time and encourage people to sing non traditional Karaoke tracks. We always have backup dancers on stage to make you look even more amazing. But if you don’t get on stage it doesn’t take long to be swept away with the energy of the party.
— Sampson via KaltBlut Magazine
I came to Berlin as a contemporary dancer back in 1999. I have been in a few bands ranging from Indy Rock, Hip Hop, Dance and I have also DJ’ed for many years now.
I grew up in Australia where we have a huge Asian population, 8% to be exact. After school I used to go around to a friends place and the whole family would be singing together and I thought this is f**** cool. There would be lots of food and the whole family just belting out Vietnamese Pop tunes. Singing and dancing has always been a really huge part of my life.
— Sampson via KaltBlut Magazine


Name: Krissy

PASSION: Baking Cakes

I Recommend: My Cakes of course!

Passion… pure and simple is what makes life worth living. Although I have been in the graphic design industry for over 24 years, baking has always been my passion – which is why I absolutely LOVE making cake creations. After years of trial and error, classes, books… and hands-on learning, my cakes have become my art – edible sculptures, if you will… Enjoy!
— Krissy via

NAME: Giorgia

PASSION: Antiques and Furniture Restoration


I Recommend:

Market in Piazzola sul Brenta - Venice via LivingVicenza

Market in Piazzola sul Brenta - Venice via LivingVicenza

Frida and Coco are part of the family and we've been told that they are very passionate too!

NAME: Coco

PASSION: The Beach

I Recommend: Peanut Butter

NAME: Frida

PASSION: Chasing Rabbits

I Recommend: Rabbits