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Estela Cuadro

Estela Cuadro


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Who I interviewed: Estela Cuadro

Passion: Painting & Dreaming

City: Buenos Aires

I love meeting people in cultural spaces, seeing different exhibitions, drinking tea or having a delicious meal.
Outdoors is where you’ll find me - I often choose to bike with my friends, chill by the river and draw somewhere outside. Even though I’m not a professional singer nor a dancer, I absolutely love to play music, sing & dance.
I like to be surrounded by plants, hence my house being filled with them.
— Estela Cuadro

I associate my work with my dreams, my relationships and with life itself.
— Estela Cuadro

Estela's WORK

If I had to pick a style for my art,  it would be quite difficult. Perhaps I associate my work with surreal art.  My characters and their environment have nothing to do with reality.

The distorted reality is part of my inspiration, my contacts and my experiences. My artwork is based on the unconscious - all associated with my dreams, relationships & with life itself.

People, Places & Events I Recommend


Inspirational People:

My top list of people who constantly inspire me and the reasons behind it.

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat Because of his expressiveness, his loose strokes & his liberty.

  • Egon SchieleHis obsession for expression, postures & sexuality. His work tries to capture the sensuality of women and men.

  • Paul Klee:  I love the choice for his color palettes, his compositions & his details.

  • Amy Cutler Because I like her imagination, how she tells a story and her incredible levels of details. She creates strong characteristics via clothes, human expressions, hairstyles, animals and landscapes.

  • Pablo Picasso:  I admire his versatility. It's amazing how much work he was able to create during his life. I consider him as a genius. I love watching his videos and seeing how his imagination puts his art is in constant transformation - like seen in this VIDEO

  • Frida Kahlo Because I admire her strong personality, her passion, her ideology and her deep love for Diego Rivera. All her art works were about her life and her physical & mental pain. She was a fighter, yet a very sensitive one who created a lot of wonderful art full of color. 


Inspirational Places: 

Places I often visit for inspiration


Events you don't wanna miss! 

Many interesting activities happen at KONEX. It is a Cultural Center with a wide range of events. Conferences, art exhibitions, cinema under the stars, music bands & live painting.

BAFICI via TheRealArgentina

BAFICI via TheRealArgentina

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