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Where We had our meeting:


I didn't feel hungry at all, but when I looked at their menu and saw the dishes served on other tables around me, I just had to order something. I ordered a typical sweet Czech dish - a Plum Dumpling, which was in the Dessert section. The perfect size (for me anyway) and not too sweet, so exactly how I like it. I connected to their Free Wifi and got some work done before Zuzi & Jan arrived. 

Via Taste of Prague - Photograph by everbay.co 

Taste of Prague Recommends:


What's your Top (general) recommendation:

We suggest you explore more than just the capital… In the Czech Republic we recommend the 'MORAVIAN WINE COUNTRY' Experience - especially town Mikulov - definitely a place you should visit. We love the area, because it feels very authentic - people are calmer and you get to taste some great local wines and food! More on the Moravian Experience HERE

Via Taste Of Prague

Via Taste Of Prague

Mikulov via CzechTourism.cz

Mikulov via CzechTourism.cz

Where's the best Coffee in Prague

We visit EMA espresso bar and Muj Salek Kavy most often, but there are few more places we really like. 

Ema Espresso Bar

What are your favourite places to eat in Prague

Again, this is a difficult question, but here are a few that pop to mind...

Via   Cestr

Via Cestr

What are the best Markets around prague


Can you tell us about some Creative CZ People

There are so many amazing creative people here, so here are just a few and in no particular order:

  • Studio deFORM - Studio deFORM was founded by Jakub Pollág and Václav Mlynář in 2011, during their studies at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Studio deFORM focuses on product design, furniture design, interior design, exhibition design and creative advertisement. 

  • Vrtiska Zak - Roman Vrtiška and Vladimír Žák have met already during AAAD studies, where they started their collaboration. Both spent their internships at Alvar Aalto Univeristy in Helsinki, Finland, where they received Awards for their work. After graduating at AAAD Prague, they became a part of the new and fresh generation of Czech designers with wide range of interests and a highly professional approach. Since then, they have been working on different projects from architecture, product design to graphic design field. 

  • Jan & Henry - Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus met during their studies at AAAD (The Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague) where there first collaborations began. After Jan Plecháč exhibited his thesis work at Salone Sattellite 2011, he gained much attention from galleriests and well-known manufacturers. For his work he has been awarded the title of Discovery of the Year, during the Czech Grand Design Awards as well as the Elle Décor International Award. In 2012 Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus founded studio Jan Plechac & Henry Wielgus together, whose work transcends the barriers between art, architecture and design. 

Where can we Get Pampered

Wellness Rooseveltova - Massages / Treatments / Nutrition / Yoga etc

Spa prague

What's Trending in Prague

We'd say the Coffee scene is now a major trend. People are enjoying good quality coffee. Learning about the Coffee Culture is not as expensive as let's say tasting food in good quality restaurants. It's affordable and now more and more accessible. 

Another Trend is bringing Czech Food back with a more modern twist. Great example is the Czech classical open sandwiches, called CHLEBICKY - now done by SISTERS 

What's your OTHER Favourite City?

There's not just one, but when it comes to FOOD it would have to be NYC. Our other favourite Cities would have to be Portland and Copenhagen. We love visiting Berlin, even though it's not yet the 'Heaven' for foodies. 

It's difficult to say what would be our top recommendation in NYC, as recommendations can be quite objective. You may go to a restaurant and have the best experience, so you end up recommending it to someone. That person may go there on a bad day and may not have the same experience - so recommendations should be taken with a pinch of salt. You need to visit a place several times, in order to see how consistent they are with keeping up with the high standards.

However, we love 'TUOME' - Asian Fusion Cuisine - in NYC and so far is on top of our list.

Image via   TimeOut

Image via TimeOut

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