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DJ Slater / Urban Legends / Filip Markes

Performing together at festivals and clubs all over the world and almost in all European countries, these three ambivert characters have managed to, over the past 12 years, synchronise their poles-apart yet quirky personalities into a rock-solid friendship.

Michal Smetana - aka DJ Slater – a Prague DJ, producer, promoter and owner of the world-famous Tribal Vision Records label, whose incoherent waves of passion for his music, science & politics leaves you feeling a little bewildered yet quite aroused.

Daniel Petkevič, a percussionist & a cello player, whose savviness, wit & linguistic skills made him earn his captivatingly charming status, still yearns to finally play Rimskij-Korsakov’s ‘Flight Of The Bumblebee’, which brought him to the music world in the first place, at the age of 6.

Jan Stiborek, a percussionist & a guitar player, whose excitement for discounted deals are just like heart-shaped cappuccinos to todays lifestyle-influencer. Jan, aka Koky, believes that the fundamental conditions to human sanity is to keep things simple, ironically, his passion & appreciation tends to lean towards anything ‘thought outside the box’.



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Chapter 1 - The Rehearsal


Chapter 2 - The Concert (Cross Club Prague)

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